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Welcome to the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast. We're joined by Perry Offer, the CEO of The Dialogue Group to discuss how to determine a corporate strategy that sets your organization up for success.

In our first segment, Greg Alexander and Perry Offer discuss how Perry determines what objectives his company should meet and how to utilize these objectives in strategic planning.

Next, we discuss what to do once corporate objectives are in place. Perry guides his team through setting marketing strategies and product goals. Adding these objectives to your business strategy ensures your corporate strategy remains forefront in leaders’ minds.

In our last segment, we cover how to ensure your corporate strategy is being implemented through weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings. Perry discusses what to focus on in each meeting and how to use each meeting to track your progress.

Understanding corporate strategy is just one small part of hitting your number year after year. For more weekly sales and marketing insights like this, subscribe and leave us a review! Your feedback will help us improve our show and continue to bring you content that keeps you at the top of your game.

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