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Getting Consistent Results from Sales Enablement Programs

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we speak with Rick Balkind, the head lead of the sales enablement department for Pegasystems, about the intricacies of building and managing a sales enablement team. We discuss everything from the lead-generation process, RFP response team, new sales rep onboarding program, the design of a sales process, implementation of a sales methodology, and enablement of the sales management team. 

In our first segment, Rick shares with us how to ensure new programs and initiatives are being adopted in Q2-Q4, which numbers should be tracked to make sure sales enablement is impacting the business quarter-to-quarter and why it’s important to grow a sales pipeline in order to support growth.

Next, Rick discusses how the sales management role of sales enablement developed over time and how a cross-functional evolvement team became of it. Rick then walks us through the content of their quarterly meetings.

In our last segment, Rick breaks down his strategy development behind measuring an account workflow in assuring the pipeline development takes place as planned. Every quarter, each sales representative must create an account plan, which will later be scored. We end our segment by hearing Rick’s vision of the future of sales enablement.

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