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Sure-fire Sales Channel Optimization for Revenue Growth

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we spoke with Brandon Tolany, the chief sales officer & CMO at Freescale Semiconductor, about how they hit their sales quota year after year. In this podcast, we explore how to ramp your revenue growth strategy by using market research to seize opportunities as they appear.

In our first segment, we start by looking at market segmentation, the first pillar of market research. We talk about size vs. revenue growth potential and relative market per share.

Next, we discuss the second activity of market research, account segmentation, from ideal customer profiles and scoring accounts to determining revenue potential across segments and allocating resources.

In our last segment, we discuss the last activity of market research: segmenting the decision makers within an account. We look at the big questions: Who do you have to convince to keep your company headed toward healthy revenue growth and how does their influence ripple through one’s growth strategy?

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