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How to Develop a Lead Generation Strategy in 10 steps

Today on the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast we’re joined by Cory Jones, the Vice President of Frontier Communications, to discuss lead generation strategy. With 11 billion in annual sales under his belt, Cory is a bit of an expert when it comes to lead generation and today he shares some of his secrets.

We start by discussing the first step to any successful marketing campaign: buyer segmentation. We go through how to disseminate the buyer’s journey so you can see how their purchasing decisions are made. From there, we move on to planning a marketing campaign, designing programs, selecting activities and developing offers designed to hit your specific audience in the sweet spot. We also dive into evaluating channels for lead generation and creating content to nurture leads into opportunities. On the sales process side, we look at sales rep prospecting, matching the right talent to the right leads and the idea of looking at sales reps as individual marketing channels. We conclude by looking at measurement, from understanding acceptable customer acquisition costs to following the numbers to the right sales channels.

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