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Welcome to the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast. We're joined by Laura Goldberg, chief marketing officer at LegalZoom, to discuss how CMOs can set their businesses up for success with a comprehensive marketing plan designed with your customers’ and company’s needs in mind.

In our first segment, we go step-by-step through the research Laura conducts to determine her market segmentation and which trigger events her demographic responds to best.

Next, Laura walks us through aligning her company’s product strategy and sales plan to her marketing campaign and then through dispersing her comprehensive plan across a large media mix.

In our last segment, we discuss the challenges of creating useful content and how to navigate selling to your B2B clients versus B2C clients.

Understanding your company’s marketing campaign is just one small part of hitting your number year after year. For more weekly sales and marketing insights like this, subscribe and leave us a review! Your feedback will help us improve our show and continue to bring you content that keeps you at the top of your game.

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