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It’s marketing’s job to set the sales team up for success. To do this, the marketing and sales strategies must be aligned. We recently spoke with Clint Poole, the Vice President of Marketing at Lionbridge about this issue. You can listen to the episode here. Clint is responsible for driving demand for the company’s new solution offerings via a multi-channel demand generation program. This has given him great insight into how to align marketing and sales.

During the interview, Clint will tackle topics such as:

  • How to ensure your brand promise is communicated correctly by the sales team.
  • How to create both demand generation and sales enablement content.
  • How to nurture leads until they are sales ready.
  • How sales can play a role in helping marketing campaigns be successful.

We will use SBI’s playbook, “How to Make Your Number in 2016” to guide our conversation. If at the end of the show, you want a copy we’ll let you know how to get it.  

Aligning the marketing strategy to the sales strategy in a large businesses is hard to do.  Why? Because the two strategies are the most closely tied of any of the functional strategies. As a marketing leader, you must think through how you are going to help make the sales team successful. What is the key? A well thought out methodology. If you do not have a structured approach you will lose both time and money. Click here to listen to how one of your peers has done it right.

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