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How Sales Enablement Leaders Can End the 80-Hour Workweek

You want to hit your numbers and still have a life outside of the office? This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast, we’re joined by Phil Aaronson, the director of sales enablement at Oracle, to discuss how he maintains a healthy work/life balance while still hitting his numbers year after year.

We start our conversation by looking at how a sales enablement leader can set healthy boundaries within his or her organization, and we share tips on managing and maintaining reasonable expectations. We go on to identify project management roles and responsibilities that are often misaligned between the sales leadership and sales enablement teams, which leads to repetition and grind. We also talk through strategy development and the controversy around writing a sales enablement charter into your sales enablement strategy and discuss if there’s merit to the approach. Next, we discuss something that’s very hot right now: the idea of writing a sales playbook to prove your worth. We conclude by talking with Phil about his opinions on watermarks, certification and gamification as tools to keep your team honed-in on their goals.

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