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Product leaders must set up their marketing and sales team for success. If they don’t, those teams have no chance of accomplishing their objectives. Listen to our recent podcast on this topic. It’s an interview with Todd Wells, the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Frontier Communications. Frontier is a $11 billion dollar telecommunications provider that has been around since 1935.

During this interview, Todd will answer questions such as:

  • How do you determine which markets to compete in?
  • How do you determine the cost to build, market, sell, install, and support a product?
  • How do you work with marketing to develop messaging?
  • How do you work with sales to enable them to sell the new products?

We use SBI’s 6 Step Revenue Growth Methodology to guide our conversation. If at the end of the show you’d like a copy, we’ll let you know how to get it.

It is mission critical for the product team to be in alignment with marketing and sales. It’s the only way each functional team will be successful in achieving their objectives. And it starts with a well thought out product strategy. Listen to how one of your peers has set his organization up for success.

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