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From the CFO: Reallocating your Sales and Marketing Budget

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we spoke with Tim Huffmyer, the CFO of BlackBox Network Services, about reallocating a sales and marketing budget as the year unfolds.

In our first segment, Tim discusses how to establish expectations for your stakeholders at the beginning of the year. He then details how he and his team reallocate the budget as the year progresses and things change.

Next, Tim walks us through a hypothetical corporate strategy case study focused on head count planning, how that aligns with a P&L statement and the obstacles that come with it.

In our final segment, Tim shares with us how he measures the market and the return on his sales and marketing strategy. 

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If you are a sales leader wanting to work better with the CFO, listen to this podcast.  If you are a CFO wanting to partner better with sales, listen to this podcast.  I think you both will learn from it.

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