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Welcome to the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast. We're joined by Rick Haviland the President of MarketSource, to discuss the importance of a corporate strategy for choosing the right market.

In our first segment, CEO of SBI, Greg Alexander, by way of interviewing the president of Market Source, Rick Haviland, breaks down a corporate strategy for selecting appropriate markets for your business. Greg prompts Rick to assist other presidents in their strategic direction by defining his approach to market selection and maintenance at Market Source.  Specifically, Rick explains what aspects are important in choosing the right market, characteristics of those markets and ways to keep your team focusing on the desired markets.

Next, after defining the appropriate market, team members must maintain the strategic direction and effectively target the decision makers. A critical aspect in any successful corporate strategy is defining what buyers want in any market, which is another important step in the process.

In our last segment, Rick offers two tips for immediate creation of a corporate strategy when choosing markets. Success can only be achieved once the president provides obtainable numbers, otherwise numbers will be missed.

Understanding corporate strategy is just one small part of hitting your number year after year. For more weekly sales and marketing insights like this, subscribe and leave us a review! Your feedback will help us improve our show and continue to bring you content that keeps you at the top of your game.

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