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As we begin the last month of Q1, sales leaders should be focused on executing their strategy. In order to execute, you must enable your sales team with the tools they need. Click here to listen to our podcast on this topic. It is an interview with Bill Quinn, the Chief Operating Officer of the global sales organization at Broadridge. Broadridge does just under $3 billion per year in annual sales. Bill describes how he drives excellence in sales enablement throughout this large organization.

During this interview, he will answer questions such as:

  • What should the objectives of the sales enablement team be?
  • Who should own sales enablement?
  • How do should you develop sales enablement content?
  • How can you drive the adoption of the sales enablement program?

The sales enablement team needs a well thought out strategy to support the sales organization. But too often organizations have a series of tactics masquerading as a strategy. It causes execution issues, and the effort becomes fractured across the organization. If you want to be sure you get it right, click here and listen to Bill’s insights. His experience will help set sales enablement leaders up for success.   

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