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Developing and executing your company’s revenue growth strategy is not easy. Too often the corporate strategy stops with the executive team. When, in fact, it needs to trickle down throughout the organization. Listen to how John Myers, CEO at Rentokil Initial, has successfully does this at his company. 

Rentokil Initial is one of the largest business services companies in the world with 60,000 employees across 60 countries. As you can imagine, developing and executing a revenue growth strategy in a company of this size is no easy feat. Despite this challenge, John has been able to effectively translate his strategy throughout the entire organization.

During this podcast, John will discuss:

  • How to define your company’s mission, vision and values.
  • How to ensure your customer’s experience matches your brand promise.
  • How to determine the organization’s financial objectives.
  • How to know which markets to compete in, and which to avoid.
  • How to determine your sustainable competitive advantage.

Your corporate strategy must be more than just a series of tactics. To make your number, you need to develop and execute a complete revenue growth strategy. This strategy needs to pull insights from the external marketplace and use this data to make key choices. Choices like “why do we exist?” Your strategy will set the direction for the entire organization. Listen to this podcast to hear how one of your peers has been able to do exactly that.

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