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Maximizing Selling Time to Improve the Sales Process

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we spoke with, Stuart Kerst, vice president of sales operations at Hewlett Packard (HP), about how to increase the available selling time of a sales team to move the needle in an optimized sales process. 

In our first segment, we look at the industry standard of how much time a sales person should spend selling versus non-selling, and then we ask Stuart to share his point of view on how he believes sales reps should spend the 2000 hours available to them. Stuart walks us through technology’s role and how automation helps achieve the ideal balance. Stuart also touches on the role CPQ takes in the strategy development to support these strategic opportunities.

Next, we focus on the root of the sales cycle productivity issue and how Stuart was able to increase the customer face time. Stuart shares with us how it begins with their annual process that includes a customer satisfaction review with their salespeople to find out where the pain points lie.

In our last segment, we discuss how to reduce misalignment between the sales and marketing by aligning metrics of tracked data and how sales ops can say no to the field and not lose political capital.

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