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Welcome to the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast. We're joined by Omar Choucair, CFO of MultiView, who has successfully integrated multiple sales forces, each with a unique sales strategy. One of the biggest problems companies encounter is employee turnover and customer defection post-acquisition. In order to combat this, Omar lays down his step-by-step process for examining the current strategy for both companies, then leveraging your knowledge to prevent sales upheaval. In our first segment,

Next, we discuss the transition of sales operations from the former companies into a single cohesive strategy. Restructuring your sales team to accommodate both old and new teams and developing new best practices is a vital part of retaining the best employees and customers.

In our last segment, we discuss product strategy and what products you should keep versus cut. Despite potential losses, it is important to determine which products will aid your organization and which will hinder it. Any that are not vital should be removed.

Understanding sales strategy is just one small part of hitting your number year after year. For more weekly sales and marketing insights like this, subscribe and leave us a review! Your feedback will help us improve our show and continue to bring you content that keeps you at the top of your game.

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