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We’re on the verge of a new fiscal year, which means it’s time to get that sales enablement strategy ironed-out. To help, we’ve invited Lisa Redekop to the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast to discuss how she develops her sales enablement strategies for Gartner Group, where she acts as a CIO specialist.

Using SBI’s sales enablement framework to guide our conversation, we start with looking at the first step of strategy development: determining your department’s goals and getting them into strategic alignment with the rest of your organization. Next, we look at developing a sales training program designed specific to your goals. From there, we discuss sales coaching tactics for keeping your team focused on their goals and the value of having a sales playbook to lead your sales enablement strategy. We also look at piecing together a sales enablement technology toolkit to drive efficiencies and add value. We also look at sales coaching tactics for ensuring your team continues to learn, practice and deploy new skills. We wrap up by looking at metrics for putting together a sales enablement scorecard so you can stay on track of your year-to-year goals.

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