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Are your product and sales strategies aligned? Too often companies miss their number because these teams are not on the same page. Listen to our recent podcast on this topic. It’s an interview with Inna Kuznetsova, the President of Inttra Marketplace. The company offers container booking, shipping instructions, and tracking services via its SaaS offering. 21% of the world’s trade begins at Inttra.

As President, Inna has responsibility for strategic alliances across the organization. While at IBM, she developed a solution to misalignment between product and sales. She now uses this process at Inttra, and will walk our audience through the concept.

During this interview, Inna discusses:

  • The concept of a Product Council.
  • How she develops the product road map.
  • How she launches a new product.
  • How to determine which channels your buyers prefer.
  • How a product should be marketed, sold and bought.

To grow your company, you will need to successfully bring new products to market. Product and sales must be aligned or you’ll have a disaster on your hands. You should slow down, think through your strategy, and rely on a proven methodology. You can start by listening to Inna’s interview here.

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