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The Sales Executive Guide to Job Security, No Magic Required

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, Mike Balow, the executive vice president of sales at Cypress Semiconductor, joins us to discuss job security, something that may seem like a myth for a sales executive. However, with 29 years of employment across only four companies, the three-year sales executive lifespan is a trend Mike’s managed to buck, and today he’s here to help you do the same.

We begin our conversation by discussing how to establish yourself with a new company, a process that starts with evaluating a potential employer’s hiring practices, culture and values and ends with bringing in the right people to round out your team. We also discuss spotting which sales planning and hiring practices to bring with you to a new organization and which ones to leave in your back pocket. Mike also discusses how he applies the skills he developed as an engineer to his role as a sales executive, such as applying pre-thinking and in-depth planning to functions such as designing a sales plan or product launch. We also discuss how to negotiate common challenges, such as resource management, sales planning and growth expectations, and look at how to build a strong tenure by developing strong partnerships with your business units. We also look at the key elements of a product launch that lends itself to sales. We then wrap up our conversation by talking about the first things you can do, right now, to cement your position and push your company towards its goals.

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