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Sales and Marketing as Seen by the Board of Directors

This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we spoke with Fred Florjancic, Chairman of the Board at Ramsey Industries, and member of the board of directors at the Elkay Manufacturing Company and Liberty Tire Recycling, about sales and marketing effectiveness from the board’s perspective as it relates to accelerating revenue growth.

In our first segment, Fred helps us understand how a board member should analyze a company during a sales and marketing strategy execution, by walking us through the five Ps of success: the people, the products, the plants, its processes, its prices. We also discuss how often board meetings should take place and how to best prepare for them.

Next, Fred fills us in on the impact the CEO can have in leading the marketing and sales strategy to help meet the company’s revenue goals. We also dig a little deeper into what makes a great sales and marketing leader and how to hire the right talent as a board member.

In our last segment, Fred shares with us how he strategically aligns his teams, from product to marketing to sales, for the most effective sales strategy.

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