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Aligning Your Marketing Strategy to the Skills of Your Staff

Between competition, emerging technologies and changing consumer behaviors, it’s hard to stay on-point as a marketer. There is no easy way to hit your marketing objectives in today’s world but, as we learn this week on the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast, you can increase your odds of hitting your number by simplifying your processes with a marketing strategy that aligns with the strengths of your marketing team. Today we’re joined by Jane Gasdaska, general manager of U.S. products supply and distribution at Philips 66, to discuss how to do just that.

We start our conversation with a broad discussion of marketing objectives, outsourcing vs. training staff and content strategy, where Jane shares her experiences with crafting a marketing strategy from the ground up, as well as switching a company from a non-digital marketing strategy to a digital one. She also discusses when to implement a new marketing strategy, rather than try to mend what’s already in place. We continue our conversation by discussing the idea of matching strategy to skills, whether by connecting your in-house teams to tasks that suite them, rounding them out specialized talent or by enterprising with boutique agencies for specialized tasks. She also provides tips on identifying the types of content that most lend themselves to outsourcing, such as social media management or content strategy & creation. We end by leaving you with some actionable advice on identifying skill gaps and filling them, so that you can get started today on hitting your number tomorrow.

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