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As a marketing leader, you must drive revenue growth by connecting corporate marketing with the field. SBI recently spoke with Tracy Hansen, the chief marketing officer at Renaissance Learning, the world leader in cloud-based assessment, teaching and learning solutions. Listen as Tracy discusses how she executes field marketing inside of Renaissance Learning.

During the show, Tracy will answer question such as:

  • What business outcomes should the field marketing team deliver?
  • What should the strategic focus of the field marketing team be?
  • What percentage of the overall marketing budget should be dedicated to field marketing?
  • What role should field marketing play between corporate marketing and sales?
  • What types of campaigns should field marketing run?
  • How can field marketing best partner with sales?.

Ultimately, field marketing is the connective tissue between corporate and the field. Without it, marketing teams will fail to produce revenue. Listen as Tracy describes how she has successfully implemented field marketing at Renaissance learning.

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