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This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we discuss how to implement a sales organizational structure with Todd Skiiles, senior vice president of sales and solutions at Ryder.

In our first segment, Greg and Todd discuss how to implement a hunter farmer sales organizational design. Todd shares how he decided to implement this model, and what the results of this shift in org models have been. He also explains how to assess your current sales team against new profiles in the org chart, and how to make adjustments if needed.

In our second segment, Greg and Todd discuss whether or not it is necessary to make adjustments to the sales compensation plan to accommodate the new sales org design. He’ll also explain how this change effected Ryder’s overall sales strategy, specifically how it changed his team’s interactions with Ryder’s customers.

In our final segment, Todd summarizes all the above information into an action plan you can apply to your sales organizational structure implementation.

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