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Today’s topic is understanding how executives make purchase decisions.  Failure to understand, exactly, how the executive decision makers inside your target accounts buy will result in poor win rates, long sales cycles, and you missing your number.  To follow along, download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017.  Turn to the buyer segmentation phase on pages 274 – 276 of the PDF. 

Joining us is Gary Ackerman, the SVP Head of Global Sales at Pepperjam.  Pepperjam is a performance marketing company focused on helping global advertisers drive e-commerce sales.  During the interview, Gary will demonstrate how executives make purchase decisions by using Pepperjam as an example. 

Executives are changing the way they make purchase decisions. Some are altering their evaluation criteria. Others are involving more people in the decision-making process. Some are changing their preferences for how they want to engage with your sales team. Decentralized decision-making is becoming centralized, and centralized decisions are now being made regionally. And on and on. Failure to exactly understand how executives are buying will prevent you from growing revenue.


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