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A CFO’s Perspective on Sales and Marketing

We recently caught up with Ed Puisis, who is the CFO of Intelligrated.  Intelligrated is a $700 million industrial automation company growing 20% per year and is forecasted to hit $1 billion in just a few short years. 


We asked Ed to share with us his views on Sales and Marketing, from the perspective of the CFO.  The Chief Financial Officer is a key player in the development of the sales and marketing strategy but is one that is often overlooked in its development. This podcast is meant to offer insight into how finance, sales, and marketing can work together. 


You can listen to the podcast here


By listening to this interview you will learn how to: 


  • Build KPIs correctly
  • Connect sales/marketing KPIs to corporate KPIs
  • Measure process effectiveness
  • Move beyond activity metrics and get to causation 


If you are a Sales or Marketing Leader and need a better relationship with the CFO, you might find this helpful.

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