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New Podcast: Hear How LegalZoom and Infusionsoft Manage Sales

Hear How LegalZoom and Infusionsoft Manage Sales. Ryan Tognazzini, Principal at SBI, sits down with two thought leaders in the business community. Joining him are Aaron Stead and Ed Arcinue. Aaron is the senior vice president of sales at Infusionsoft and a fifteen-year veteran in the field. Ed is the vice president of sales at Legalzoom. They debate a huge struggle sales leader’s face today: the difficulties of balancing time, focusing on achieving short-term results, and planning for long term strategic initiatives. More podcast highlights at:

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Sales Ops Inside Big Companies

Sales Ops Inside Big Companies. Matt Sharrers, Partner at SBI, talks to Kimberly Appleton from On Semiconductor, and Chris Fris from Ryder Logistics about the role of sales operations; specifically the transformations that the role is undergoing and how the demands of the role are changing. They also discuss some of the challenges that go along with this role. The information that they have to share is revolutionary in this field of work. More podcast highlights at:

Podcast: Pfizer and Jive Software Share Sales Enablement Philosophies

Pfizer and Jive Software Share Sales Enablement Philosophies. Greg Alexander with SBI interviews two Sales Enablement Professionals to gain insight on the topic. The first Sales Enablement professional's name is Andy Garrity and he runs Sales enablement at Pfizer. Joining him is Patrick Merritt who runs Sales Enablement at Jive Software. They discuss what Sales Enablement is, and the challenges concerning Sales Enablement. More Podcast highlights can be found at

By listening to this podcast you will learn:

  • How to centralize sales enablement without creating a political turf war.
  • Jive Software’s approach to on boarding sales reps.
  • Pfizer’s approach to gamifying sales training.
  • How mobility can enable the sales team without taking anyone out of the field.