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The #1 Ranked Sales Team of 2014

Matt Sharrers interviews Heartland's Chief Sales Officer about sales growth, how to acquire quality members, how to keep a good atmosphere in the workplace, and some key goals and struggles he faces planning for 2015.  More highlights can be read in this blog post:

Here is what you will learn by listening to this podcast: 

1. How Tony, 34 years of age, became the youngest Chief Sales Officer in the Fortune 1000.

2. Why they have not changed the sales comp plan since 1994.

3. What the “Sales Rep Bill of Rights" is.


4. The difference between the goose and the eggs. 


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Heidrick & Struggles Outlines What CEOs Look for When Hiring a Head of Sales

Greg Alexander, the CEO of SBI is joined by George Norton, the head of the chief sales officer practice at Heidrick & Struggles.  If you are not familiar with Heidrick & Struggles, they are the world’s top executive search firm.  As a Partner in the firm, George gets hired by CEOs to fill the role of head of sales.  If you are a CEO, and are wondering if you need a new sales leader, listen to this.  It might help you think through this. If you are a head of sales, and are looking for the next adventure, listen to this.  It might help you increase your marketability. More blog highlights at


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A New Approach to Time Management for Sales Managers

A New Approach to Time Management for Sales Managers. Josh Horstmann, Principal at SBI, is joined by Mike Walz to discuss sales management cadence.  Mike is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Ramsey Industries with over 25 years of experience in the Industrial Sales Marketplace.  Josh and Mike discuss how buyer behavior is changing, and how sales managers must adapt their strategies.  Hear how Mike manages his team, and aligns their reps and buyers resulting in increased sales.  More highlights can be read at the blog post here:

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How Agility Logistics Transformed Their Sales Force

How Agility Logistics Transformed Their Sales Force. Andrew Urteaga, a Principal at SBI, is joined by Paul Mullins, the SVP of Business Development for Agility Logistics. Agility Logistics is one of the worlds’ leading providers of integrated logistics with five hundred companies across 100 countries. These two discuss sales adoption, and how to get sales initiatives to stick inside an organization. They talk about what signs denote a need for change, why a company should push for a change, and items of note to help with adoption. When trying to push new sales strategies, a key item to focus on is making sure key stake holders are on board from the beginning. More highlights in this blog post:

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