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How to Migrate from Product Marketing to Customer Marketing

Mark Synek of SBI talks to Rich Doggett, a twenty-year marketing veteran, and the VP of Field Marketing at Sysco Corporation. They discuss direct marketing, and how to apply corporate marketing strategies to field marketing. Also discussed is the importance of balancing internal and external customer needs. Follow along with Mark and Rich to find out how important buyer potential is, and why you should be getting away from product marketing and getting involved with customer marketing.

We recently interviewed Rich Doggett, Vice President of Product and Field Marketing at Sysco.

Sysco is the largest food distributor, does $45 billion in annual revenues, has 50,000 employees, and over 400,000 customers. 

By listening to this podcast, you will learn: 

  • How product marketing can partner with the field sales team.
  • An approach to think through which products should be sold through which channel.
  • Examples of how to grow wallet share from key accounts.

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Best-in-Class Sales Operations Leadership in the Software Industry

We caught up with two bright Sales Ops Leaders from the software industry. Evan Randall is the Vice President of Sales Ops at software company Tableau Software. The work that Evan is doing contributed to amazing sales results during the last quarter. Check these numbers out: 

Revenue growth of 71% and on run rate of $420 million.

License growth of 66%.

Added 2,500 new customers.

Big deals (>$100k) up 68%. 

Jerad Lally is the Director of Sales Ops at Paylease.  The work that Jerad is doing contributed to the company tripling in size and getting acquired by top tier private equity firm Francisco Partners. 

By listening to this podcast, you will: 

1.  Hear why staffing sales enablement with former sales reps produces great results.

2.  Understand the difference between a strategic and tactical Sales Ops Leader.

3.  How to ramp new sales reps to revenue quickly through certification. 

If you are a CEO, or Head of Sales, at a software company, ask yourself: “Are you getting maximum value from the Sales Ops function?” 

Hopefully, Evan and Jerad are two calibration points to help you answer this question. Highlights are from the blog post:

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