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As a marketing leader, you must drive revenue growth by connecting corporate marketing with the field. SBI recently spoke with Tracy Hansen, the chief marketing officer at Renaissance Learning, the world leader in cloud-based assessment, teaching and learning solutions. Listen as Tracy discusses how she executes field marketing inside of Renaissance Learning.

During the show, Tracy will answer question such as:

  • What business outcomes should the field marketing team deliver?
  • What should the strategic focus of the field marketing team be?
  • What percentage of the overall marketing budget should be dedicated to field marketing?
  • What role should field marketing play between corporate marketing and sales?
  • What types of campaigns should field marketing run?
  • How can field marketing best partner with sales?.

Ultimately, field marketing is the connective tissue between corporate and the field. Without it, marketing teams will fail to produce revenue. Listen as Tracy describes how she has successfully implemented field marketing at Renaissance learning.

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Content strategy and planning is a critical piece to your marketing strategy. As a marketing leader, you must earn brand preference by satisfying the information needs of your target customers. We recently spoke with Steve Keifer, the vice president of marketing at LeaseAccelerator. Listen as Steve explains how he develops and executes his content marketing strategy.

Steve has over ten years’ experience and is responsible for driving the demand for LeaseAccelerator’s SaaS solutions. During the show, he will answer questions such as:

  • Which customers and prospects have you prioritized and why?
  • What information needs do these prioritized customers and prospects have?
  • What content have you developed and how does it help your business?
  • How do you develop your content marketing team in order to successfully execute strategy?
  • How can you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy?

For content marketing to generate revenue, you must understand what your customers need, where they need it, how often they need it and in what form. Without this information, your content marketing efforts will fails to contribute to revenue growth in a meaningful way. Listen as Steven shares his insights on how to successfully implement a content marketing strategy. 


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Traditional demand generation and lead management does not work for companies that are dependent on a small number of accounts that spend a lot. Instead marketing teams must replace leads with opportunities for the sales team. SBI recently spoke with Gahan Richardson, the vice president of corporate marketing at Cypress Semiconductors. Listen as Gahan explains his approach to account based marketing and how he uses it to set his sales team up for success.  

During the interview, Gahan will answer questions such as:

  • Why is it critical for your sales team to go wide and deep inside of their accounts, building many relationships?
  • What is the lifetime value of a key account, and why is it so much more than a typical account?
  • If marketing dedicates budget to a list of dream accounts, does this improve the relationship between sales and marketing?
  • Should you deploy multi-channel approach when launching an account based marketing program??
  • Why should marketing leaders build a list of accounts, ranked best to worst, on revenue potential and propensity to buy?
  • What are the best ways to develop personalized content and get it in front of the right buyers and influencers?

If your sales team lives and dies by the big deal, growing revenues faster than your competitors and industry will require a shift in behavior. Listen here as Gahan explains how account based marketing will help you make your number.

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Getting an increase in sales head count is difficult. Additionally, when new sales people are hired, there is an expectation to generate revenue growth as quickly as possible. Essentially, sales enablement’s responsibility is to onboard new reps and drive revenue per sales head and time to productivity. SBI recently spoke with Kent Cissell, the senior vice president of sales operations at Heartland Payment Systems on this topic. Listen as Kent discusses sales enablement and why it’s key to the success of your overall sales strategy.

Kent oversees a varied sales operations team which includes the traditional sales enablement function at Heartland, one of the largest payment processors in the US. During the interview, he will answer questions such as:

  • What are the business outcomes that the sales enablement team needs to deliver?
  • What is the strategic focus of the sales enablement team?
  • How are new sales reps onboarded, and what kind of sales readinesss program should be in place?
  • How is sales enablement content developed and used?

Sales enablement is a key piece to your sales strategy. Neglect it and forgo adding sales head count in the future. Listen as Kent describes to how develop and execute a successful sales enablement strategy. And if after listening, you want to learn more, you can download our workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It’s your step by step guide to a complete sales strategy, which includes a strong sales enablement program.

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This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast we speak with Dave Longaker, the chief revenue officer at Rovi Corporation about how to determine the best sales organizational structure.

We start the discussion by determining which of the 7 B2B sales org models is best to achieve revenue growth. Dave will discuss how to determine the types of roles, and the sales headcount need for each. Furthermore, he will explain how sales leaders should deploy their sales capacity against the market opportunity.

Dave will continue by discussing how to determine which sales channels buyers want to buy from, and what level of sales specialization they are willing to pay for. And he will walk our audience through how to effectively transition from one sales organizational structure to another in order to best achieve revenue growth.  

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