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At SBI’s most recent Sales Advisory Board meeting, market leaders from a variety of industries came together in a virtual environment to discuss topics that are top of mind for sales executives:

  • The Ascent of Sales Leaders to CEO Positions
  • Executing a Back-to-Base Strategy
  • Digital Selling in 2021

On today's show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, joins us to share insights from the meeting that sales leaders can begin implementing immediately.

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While every industry has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, private equity professionals have had to unpack an entirely different set of challenges trying to buy and sell in this environment.

On today's show, Mike Hoffman, SBI Senior Managing Director Private Equity, joins us to share how PE firms are validating investment theses centered on accelerating organic growth. 

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Of all the challenges that sales leaders have faced this past year, effectively evolving field sellers into virtual teams has been one of the most difficult to navigate.

On today’s show, Mike Carpenter, President of Global Sales & Field Operations at CrowdStrike, joins SBI Managing Director Tony Erickson to discuss the strategic pivots Mike has facilitated to better enable their team in a work-from-home environment and the opportunities they have seen since, including:

  • Forming inside sales teams without constraints
  • Increases in customer access
  • A lasting shift in corporate operations
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