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Episode 4: Growth at Any Cost is Over

Understanding the right design and execution of GTM levers in uncertain markets could help CEOs propel their revenue growth by making efficient use of existing resources.

In this episode, Pilar Schenk, Cisco COO, Global Specialists, and Mike Hoffman, SBI CEO, discuss strategy, execution, and activation against a backdrop of those who had a growth thesis in tech of growth, at any cost.

Key Talking Points:

  • The GTM levers that drive greater value generation in 2024
  • How to better leverage commercial tech to increase sales efficiency
  • What advancements the tech industry is making with generative AI
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Episode 3: Know to Grow Sales Talent

A crucial driver of an organization’s revenue growth plans is the people that work there and how they perform. The importance of understanding how to develop top talent in go-to-market teams cannot be understated.

In this episode, Senior Partner and TMT Practice Leader at SBI, Tony Erickson meets with Director of Global Sales Enablement at Nearmap, Karen Mattice to talk about Nearmap’s approach to talent development through its Know and Grow strategy.

Key Talking Points:

  • Assessing talent and creating individual OKRs in line with corporate OKRs
  • Developing standardized training that focuses on gaps in key competencies
  • How Nearmap leverages AI to analyze and optimize sales conversations
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Podcast: Increasing Sales Talent Productivity Through Effective Coaching

In the current landscape, where business leaders are strategically shifting their focus to recovery, the role of sales managers has taken on a critical new dimension. Join us for an interactive webinar to discuss the transformative power of sales coaching in driving commercial excellence.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The crucial role of sales coaching in attaining commercial excellence.
  • Moving beyond ad-hoc coaching: Effective alternatives and solutions.
  • Cultivating a world-class sales coaching culture.
  • Key sections to include in your Sales Coaching Playbook.
  • Maximizing coaching ROI through insightful metrics.
  • Harnessing collaborative learning for advancing sales coaching skills.
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