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Episode 5: Empowering Sales with AI

AI development continues at a breakneck pace, with the number of use cases increasing by the day. This raises the question for many Go-to-Market leaders: how do we use AI to help sales? How do we ensure smooth adoption of AI? And what value does it bring to the business?

In this episode, SBI Managing Director of Talent Services, Ray Makela meets Conor Grennan, Head of Generative AI at NYU Stern School of Business to take a deep dive into the state of generative AI today, its use cases, and key considerations in business.

Key Talking Points:

  • Use cases for generative AI in Sales and how it augments various tasks
  • Overcoming resistance to AI use, and key considerations such as data privacy
  • Ideas for effective AI enablement, as well as other new use cases for AI
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